At the meeting, it was announced that preparations for the establishment

The meeting announced preparations for the establishment of the China Mechanical Engineering Society Diamond and Products Branch and inaugurated. The branch has been approved by the Council of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, the secretariat is located in Henan, and the director-general is Dr. Li Jian, secretary-general of the Henan Society of Mechanical Engineering. The establishment of this branch is a major breakthrough in the implementation of the "National Society of Henan Province" by the Henan Provincial Association for Science and Technology. Since then, the field of superhard materials in Henan Province will be supported by national academic organizations, and a lot of work will be carried out in the organization of high-end academic exchanges, talent introduction, industrial planning, think tank consultation, scientific and technological evaluation, standard setting and preparation for the establishment of authoritative journals, etc., to help Henan build an academic highland in the field of superhard materials.